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Jagdeep Kairon

Race Director
Completed 13 ultra marathon races, including the Sahara race, the Atacama desert, Gobi in China, Mongolia, and Antarctica.
Experienced in proper training and gear preparation for ultra marathon races
Appreciates the small joys of life and celebrates the indomitable human spirit

Who is Jagdeep Kairon?

In 2011, I stumbled into ultra marathon racing and registered for the Sahara race in Egypt, seeking new challenges beyond marathon running. Despite the physical pain and hardship, I found myself sharing my exhilaration and suffering with other runners, pushing towards the finish line. Since then, I completed 12 more races in the 4 desert series, appreciating the small joys of life and celebrating the human spirit. I am honored to be associated with the Khanabadosh 100 - The Nomad's Trail, where I bring my experience and emotions to race management, encouraging maximum participation and self-discovery for all.

How will Jagdeep help me?

The person will use their experience and emotions to manage the Khanabadosh 100 - The Nomad's Trail race. They aim to encourage maximum participation and inspire others to follow their calling in ultra marathon racing. They also believe that participating in the race will lead to self-discovery and transformation for everyone involved.


Arun Malik

Course Director
Ran multiple ultr-marathon across the globe.
Completed multiple Full Marathon in less than 2 hours 30 minutes.
Has guided multiple participats in completing their Ultra marathon.

Arun's tips to run a succesful ultra-thon

How to build up and prepare for an Ultra Trail Race in the hills
1. Get yourself medically tested for all basic parameters.
2. Space out your build up in the available 3 months (12 Weeks approximately) from slow – gradual – high volume upto 2 weeks short of the race, tapering in the final 2 weeks preceding the race.
3. Switch your training between various running surfaces like a treadmill, road, trail, stadium tracks and sometimes on inclines like flyovers/ incline on treadmill/ steps of a multi story building.
4. Work on a weekly mileage and then spread it out over 3-4 days of your week, with longer runs on weekends.
5. The initial weeks can be based on 40-50 kms per week which can later be built upto 80-130 kms as per your endurance capacity ie for at least 3 weeks of April between 5th to 25th April (peak weeks). Some athletes who want to run a faster race may go upto 150 kms in the peak 3 weeks.
6. While training, you will do well to focus on some of the elements mentioned below • Always eat a small pre workout meal, ideally oats, dry fruits and peanut butter.
• Always focus on your hydration and nutrition during the workout to be able to quickly recover for the next workout.
• Always spend 15 mins on stretching post workout to give a quick rehab to your muscles.
• Always eat a high protein meal within 30 mins of your workout.
• Rest well and get adequate sleep at night for a good and quick recovery.
• Mix your training well between running and strength training in a gym or using body weight during the week
. • Remain positive, be patient and don’t be in a rush to see results. Human body takes time to transform – notwithstanding, every workout adds a building block towards your fitness. No effort ever goes waste.
• Impossible is Nothing. Your mind is the strongest; use it as a tool of strength. Control your mind before it starts controlling you and you will always come out stronger Happy Running!!

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