Khanabadosh 100

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  • Khanabadosh 100 - The Nomads Trail is the inaugural edition of the khanabadosh series that will conduct 2 endurance races every year, beginning with india.

  • “Land of the gods” is one of himachal’s nicknames and for good reason. Buddhism prevails alongside hinduism and the state is dotted with monasteries and temples alike.

  • During the khanabadosh 100, participants, volunteers and staff are expected to consume up to 1,000 liters of drinking water in total.

  • The khanabadosh 100 is a 100 kilometer long self-supported footrace that takes place over two stages / two days.

  • Competitors are required to pass through up to 10 checkpoints throughout the two-day race before crossing the finish line.

  • The khanabadosh 100 - the nomads trail starts on 09 nov 2019. It is the 1st edition of the race.

  • Around 30 competitors representing more than 10 countries will compete in the khanabadosh 100.

  • More than 80% of the khanabadosh 100 participants are expected to have run similar races previously, with 20% running 100km for the first time.

  • The stunning terrain will be a mixture of open cultivated fields, rocky mountains, nomadic pastures, old forests, riverbeds and traditional heritage homes.

  • Approximately 20% of competitors run the entire course, 60% combine running with walking, and 20% walk the entire course. The fastest completion time is expected to be around 11 hours and the slowest around 17 hours.

  • The khanabadosh 100 is a self-supported race; competitors must carry all mandatory items in their backpacks. The average backpack weighs 3 kilograms.

  • A large population of this himalayan state hold fast to their traditional and culture. Participants will have the opportunity to witness this in many places through the course.

  • Khanabadosh 100 supports the non-profit ngo abhi ( action for barrier free handicapped integration), for championing inclusive education for special children in the shimla region. Part of our proceeds shall be donated to the school. We welcome any participants who want to contribute to the school.

  • Competitors will spend one night in a local village during the race.

  • Participants may raise money and awareness for causes and charities around the globe through their participation in the khanabadosh 100

  • The finish line of this race can look like the indian cricket team crashing out of the world cup - expect a lot of tears!!
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