Khanabadosh 100 is a unique 100km trail running event set in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.

2 Stage , Fully supported , 100km Ultra Trail Race , 2000m elevation gain each day



Run through a varied terrain of himalayan hamlets, cultivated fields, rocky outcrops, old forests and gushing streams.


Spend a night in a village home and experience local hospitality at its best with a traditional dham (feast) and the foot tapping naati (local dance).

The Core Team

Jagdeep Kairon


Race Director

Geetika Malik



Arun Malik


Course Director

Host Village


A modest hand painted board in the village will tell you that it has only 190 residents. Besides growing what they eat, each family has farm animals and acres of land under cultivation. Their gentle way of life, affable demeanour, soulful music and helpful nature is sure to win you over.



The highest peak in the region, awarding its visitors with a 360 view of the snow covered peaks of the lower Himalayas, is the Shali Tibba. This houses an ancient temple dedicated the Goddess Shali at an altitude of 10,000ft. A unique cultural experience, this race will take the runners through quaint Himalayan hamlets and fields sown with a variety of crops, giving the runners an opportunity to experience first hand what life is like in this part of the world.



Temperature from 5”ĘC to 17”ĘC.
Race starts at 2,230 m and climbs upto 2,900 m.
Possibility of rainfall during winters.

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